Alexander Papacosta
Alexander PapacostaCEO, Director of Advertsiing
Alexander Papacosta is the CEO and Co-Founder of Moi Ostrov Ltd which manages Moi Ostrov Magazine and Moi Ostrov Studio. Alexander oversees all production from fashion editorials, advertising bookings and design to printing and circulation. Alexander balances his non business hours between reading and developing his knowledge of advertising, photography, video and web production and spending time with his wife and daughter or engaging in outdoor activities such as running, kite surfing, diving or boating.
Lolita Papacosta
Lolita PapacostaEditor-In-Chief, Creative Director
Lolita Papacosta is one of the founders of Moi Ostrov and has been heading the editorial direction since the editorial planning began in April 2009. Lolita is taking care of various aspects of Moi Ostrov Magazine’s activity. Taking particular interest in styling and being in charge of the article layout and design, Lolita is mastering her creative and managing skills making each issue of Moi Ostrov stylish and quality oriented.
Masha Salko
Masha SalkoFeatures Editor, Web Editor
Masha joined Moi Ostrov late 2013, she holds a Masters Degree in Communication as well as a Diploma in Graphic and Interior Design, she brings a new outlook to the content of the magazine, as well as innovative approach to social media management. Masha is also the Web Editor and manages the content on where the aim is to update the readers on the current events and present clients with an interactive way of reaching customers.

Lolita Papacosta

CEO and Advertising Director
Alexander Papacosta

Masha Salko

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