Russian woman relaxing on a beach

Tourist arrivals from Russia have increased significantly for the 5th year in a row with arrivals now reaching an all time peak at 474.419 Russian arrivals in 2012. Together with Ukrainian, Estonian, Lithuanian and other Russian speaking nations, the number of Russians speakers visiting Cyprus in 2012 was 509.793. Over half a million, which is also the number of Russians the Cyprus Tourism Organisations believes will visit the island this year (2013).


2009 – 148,734
2010 – 225,000
2011 – 334,000
2012 – 474,419
2013 – 500,000*


women-shopping-small160 Russians also spend more money out of the Hotel compared to visitors from other nations.

More on tourist shopping and spending will come up within the next few days as we are currently studying the statistics.

All our statistical data comes from Cyprus Statistical Service