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The Moi Ostrov reader Q/A

How many of the last 4 issues of Moi Ostrov did you read?

4/4 – 53.6%
3/4 -25%
2/4 – 7.1%
1/4 – 10.7%
0/4 – 3.6%

The Moi Ostrov readers also reads
64.3% VOGUE
53.6% ELLE
53.6% Instyle
32.1% Harper’s Bazaar
35.7% Marie Claire
35.7% Psychologies

Moi Ostrov readers in the latest survey also connect with us in this way
54.2% attended one of our Parties or Events
37.5% visited
83.3% are connected to us through facebook
8.3% follow us on other social media

Fashion & Media related jobs
22.2% works in advertising
3.7% with Fashion or textile design
18.5% Retail/Showroom
7.4% Merchandising/Buying
18.5% Events
11.1% Public Relations
3.7% Publishing
55.6% non of the above

Shopping Attitudes
80% prefers to buy designer or luxury brands.
80% prefers to buy brands that reflect their personal style.
64% prefer to buy environmentally friendly products for their home whenever possible, even if they are more expensive.
48% said I’m always one of the first of my friends to try new products or services
92% said that they buy based on quality, not price.
100% said that people are asking them for shopping advice